Stereo Total’s last release: Chansons Hystérique


This box set contains the recordings from the first ten years of Stereo Total – the original albums (with original covers!) as well as various rarities. There’s also a book, though not about Stereo Total. Instead it is a catalogue of Françoise Cactus’s art work. These sketches and paintings embody the very latest trends in art, sex, and psychological disorders – borderline kitsch at its best! Though actually Françoise wasn’t seeking a career as a painter with these works; she just wanted to decorate the empty walls of our apartment. We had a similar impulse with our music: with Stereo Total we recorded the music we wanted to hear. Fun, with no regard for mainstream taste, naïve, perverse, and always a bit off-kilter. Before concerts Françoise often warned me not to play too precisely; otherwise people might think we were just playing a recording. This was not difficult for me, as I can make an expensive instrument sound a like a 50 euro piece of junk, and nearly everything we play relies on screw-ups. The box set was the final project Françoise worked on. Because of her tragic death, this release now represents the end of Stereo Total and a farewell to the amazing and unique Françoise Cactus: she is difficult to describe and absolutely impossible to explain. But listen for yourself … – Brezel Göring

Françoise Cactus died peacefully at her home in Kreuzberg on February 17th, 2021. She is burried at Alter St. Matthäus Kirchhof in Berlin, Germany.